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South America

Quito – Delayed flights, lost bags and thunderstorms

By 10th November 2014No Comments

Things started out well on our first flight to Amsterdam until we arrived only to be told our next flight was delayed by 10 hours, which meant we would miss our connection in Atlanta to Quito! So after some more waiting we eventually got changed onto a flight to Lima.

Off we went to Peru with an extra seat for snoozing and Frank the turtle. (Our travel mascot for those who don’t know him)


Once we arrived in Lima we proceeded to head to the transfers desk to get our new boarding passes to our final destination Quito. Unfortunately no one spoke any English and from what we could decipher it sounded like they were telling us our bags were lost…ย The one thing no traveler wants to hear. We were forced to sign a waiver stating we couldn’t hold the last airline responsible for the loss otherwise we could board our next flight.

After filling out what seemed like an endless amount of paperwork for our bags once we made it to Quito (In Spanish for that matter) we left the airport to look for our transfer to the hotel. As if things couldn’t get any worse, our driver was no where to be found so we had to take a taxi to the hotel. Our first observation of drivers here is that they have two speeds when driving, stopped and as fast as the car will physically move. Scary to say the least!

The next morning we set off into the city to pick up some essentials to get by while waiting to find out the fate of our bags. (Some clothes and toiletries!) On the bright side the parks where lovely and the sun was out ๐Ÿ™‚


The weather swiftly changed to thunder and lightening so we headed back to the hotel. The weather obviously felt our mood ๐Ÿ˜‰

The next day with no bags in sight we went to the basilica in the old town which was pretty cool!

Quito Basilica Clock Tower


We got to climb the towers before rain came ..and just as we got to the top the thunder and lightning started. Probably not the best place to be during a lightning storm!

Quito Basicilica

By Wednesday morning we were getting extremely worried as we were due to leave Quito Friday morning. Just when we had lost all hope the phone started ringing. It was the airline telling us our bags had turned up! Turns out they had ended up in two different countries! Seems they had been having a better time than us. Although one sleeping mat was missing and damage to one of the bags. Still better than no bags!

Last day in Quito the sun was shining so we got up and headed up the cable car that’s one of the highest in the world (Pichincha Volcano). The views were incredible so we went for a walk to explore.

Quito Cable Car Trip

Before we knew it we were in the clouds and then suddenly the weather changed to hail, thunder and lightning! We managed to carefully make our way back down the mountain but not before getting soaked by the rain. Probably not the best idea to go hiking in converse and jeans…

In the evening we met our fellow travelers for the first time, we went out for a meal at a local place called The Magic Bean.

Next stop Otavalo and the Amazon Jungle!



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